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Natural mineral water
Macadamia nut oil organic
Coconut oil organic
Olive oil organic
Grape seed oil organic
Safflower oil organic
Sodium hydroxide
Almond sweet oil organic
Black sesame oil organic
Shea butter
Champaca Absolute
Osmanthus essential oil
Rhododendron essential oil
Frangipani absolute
Dry cork tree

Contents: 112g


Cork tree soap with rich natural oil


Using 15 kinds of natural oils such as plant-derived macadamia nut oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc.
Four kinds of natural oils such as Champaca, Frangipani and Osmanthus essential oil extracted by solvent extraction method are used.
Blended with dry coke.
Coke tree soap with 12 kinds of natural oils and plants.

Aroma characteristics

A product that gathers the scents of noble flowers from Southeast Asia.
Champaca flowers impress with exotic sweet and rich scented Asian flowers.
Frangipani with a refreshing scent like jasmine.
Osmanthus is also known as Mokusei. In Japan, this scent can be enjoyed by blooming flowers around October.
Rhodon Dendron is a rhododendron.
A coke tree with a scent like jasmine.
And blended with the scent of tropical flowers.

Aroma effect of natural ingredients

Cork tree is not a “cork tree” in Japan. In Thailand, it is called peep.
Sometimes called. In Japan, it is a type of Nozenkazura called cork nozen.
It has a good fragrance widely in temples and parks in Southeast Asia.
Champaca is one of the scents that represent Southeast Asia.
A very expensive but rich and noble scent that is representative of Asian flavors.
The attractive scent that has been used in aphrodisiac as an aphrodisiac is excellent in sedation and anti-anxiety.
Osmanthus has a moisturizing effect and is recognized as an antioxidant.



Oil and herbal soap in various scenes

Heart of Asia soap uses natural essential oil, so you can enjoy bath time with your favorite scent, but you can enjoy the scent like a room fragrance just by placing it in your room. .
Since natural essential oils are used in luxury, the soap storage location is not kept in a dark room or cupboard, but it can be used as an aromatic aroma if it is hung in a closet or placed in the entrance.

Please enjoy the scent of naturally derived oils and herbs themselves.




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